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STEP 1 - Sign Up
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Access e-PayDay Cloud and select New Tenant.

🎯 Please select FREE during BETA, as we will assign the relevant edition for testing. The payment gateway will be implemented for the commercial release.


Enter the Tenant Name. This is typically the same as the Organisation Name but can be whatever you'd like it to be.


Enter the Organisation Name.


Enter your First Name and Family Name.



Enter either the Organisation or your personal Phone number.


Enter the admin email address. 


Enter a password for the admin account, then Retype the same password in admin password (repeat).


Enter the Director ID.


Select either ABN or WPN and enter the relevant identifier.


If ABN was selected, enter the Branch Code (GST Branch Number) associated with this Organisation.


🎯 If you are unsure of this identifier, it can be obtained by accessing the ATO's Online services for business.


Enter the Organisation Name (Legal Entity) name as listed on ABN Lookup.


Enter the Address, including Suburb / Town, State/Territory and Post Code. The Country is disabled and set to Australia by default.


Enter the Organisations Email addressPhone (Business Hours) and Name of Payer Declarer, then select Submit.


The following page will then be displayed,


🎯 By default, STP Reporting is disabled during BETA. If you would like to commence live reporting, please provide this advice by submitting a BETA request.
🎯 Once your account is activated, you will be able to log in and complete STEP 2 - Review your Organisation settings.
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