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Pay Day Explained
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Pay Day comprises of several steps,

  1. Pay Run - Used to add new and maintain existing Pay Runs.
  2. Payees - Used to select which Payees need to be included in the selected Pay Run.
  3. Process - Used to add all relevant Pay Types to each Payees Pay.
  4. Reports - Used to confirm that the information entered into Process for all Payees is correct before continuing to FAST-Bank.
  5. FAST-Bank - Used to create the payment file to be uploaded to your Financial institution for all Payees included in Process.
  6. Pay Slips - Used to generate the Pay Slips for all Payees included in Process.
  7. Notify ATO - Used to send the relevant STP Submission to the ATO, declaring that the information for all Payees included in Process is true and correct. The Declaration displayed is based on whether an Intermediary is submitting the information on behalf of the Payer.
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