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Create a SuperStream File for a specific Superannuation Fund
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ūüéĮ Please ensure you have completed Steps 1 to 3 from¬†Generate your Superannuation Reports and pay the required Contributions for the period before completing the below.


Select Superannuation


Then select SuperStream Manager.


Select the required period by choosing the appropriate option in Months or Quarters, or manually defining the Start Date and End Date.


Next, select the Superannuation Fund which needs to be included in the SuperStream File.

Verify the Totals displayed against the physical reports.


If there are any unposted pay runs that exist within the selected period, the Unposted Pay Runs Alert Text will be displayed.


Select Create SuperStream Submission.


if the Period End Date the SuperStream is being created for is in the future, the Period has not ended Alert (Modal) will be displayed,


Browse to the location you would like to store in the SuperStream File in, then select Save.

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