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Pay Types Explained
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e-PayDay Go uses Pay Types to facilitate processing Payees payments within a pay run. They are added to Pay Lines in the pay run when you are processing your pays.


Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 provides for these Pay Types to be disaggregated from Gross and reported to the ATO as separately itemised components within the Income Stream Collection (where applicable), then passed to multiple Government Agencies. This reporting method also assists in the administration of the Social Security system.


Due to the stringent requirements surrounding payments, we have pre-configured System Default Pay Rates, Allowances and Deductions based on the ATO's documentation, which also affects the changes you can make when each of these is copied. To help with these new reporting obligations and remove the complexity, we have preconfigured these Pay Types for you.


Pay Types include:

  • Pay Rates
    • Worked - Includes all the typical pay types you would need to pay the actual hours worked by your Payee (e.g. Ordinary Time, Overtime etc).
    • Bonuses and Commissions -  Once-off payments for incentives (e.g. Overtime Bonus, Commission on Sales)
    • Leave - Designed for when a Payee is either taking or cashing out some or all of their leave entitlements.
    • Back Payments - When a Payee has been underpaid, the Back Payment Pay Types are used to ensure the correct PAYGW Calculation is applied.
    • Termination -  These Pay Types are not available for selection until Cease Employment is selected within the Pay Run. The Cessation Reason determines which Pay Types are available for selection.
    • Reimbursements - Repay the Payee for expenses incurred, which do not need to be included in their Income Statement.
    • Adjustments - increase or reduce the relevant value within the pay run (PAYGW, Employer SG and RESC). The result of this action is reported but the individual action is not.
  • Allowances
    • Reportable - Pay Hour or Pay Period Allowances the Payee is entitled to under thier Award or Agreement which are reportable to the ATO.
    • Non-Reportable - Pay Hour or Pay Period Allowances the Payee is entitled to under thier Award or Agreement which are not reported to the ATO.
  • Deductions
    • Before PAYGW - decrease the Payees Gross Pay (before PAYGW is calculated)
    • After PAYGW - decrease the Payees Net Pay (after PAYGW is calculated).

The following Awards are referenced as examples, but the Pay Types listed apply to numerous other Awards:

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