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What is e-PayDay Go?
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e-PayDay Go® is a cloud-based payroll built to Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 exacting requirements. We have focused on meeting the demands of the two primary Regulators of payroll in Australia, The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Fair Work Ombudsman. We have taken a "real world" approach with the design of e-PayDay Go®. Employees complete the necessary forms and are easily set up in e-PayDay Go® based on their answers. There is no expectation for employers to understand what happens "under the hood", and where possible, we have tried to hide the complexity of payroll, allowing employers to concentrate on paying their employees.


Our primary objective is to provide a powerful "payroll engine" that assists employers in meeting their mandatory legislative compliance obligations. You are not playing with a "toy" wherein once you start, you quickly find the payroll solution you are using does not meet even basic payroll requirements. Our passion is payroll, and since 1987 we have taken this job seriously.


Additional functionality such as Time and Attendance, Human Resource Management etc., will be made available with our API. We consider that many outstanding solutions in the market fulfil these additional payroll needs. We do not want to be distracted by developing functionality that others already do exceptionally well, allowing us to focus on our belief of what we do best. We are not trying to be a one-stop payroll shop; we only provide a powerful payroll solution that produces the expected outcomes!


This product is in its infancy and is still a work in progress, so please don't hesitate to provide feedback or let us know what you believe we can do to improve.


I hope you enjoy using e-PayDay Go® as much as we do developing payroll solutions.


Brett Reed

e-PayDay Pty Ltd


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