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STP Reporting Explained (Organisation)
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🎯 The STP Reporting Accordion defines the person declaring the information to the ATO and the Previous BMS ID where required. Intermediary Details can also be entered where required.





BMS ID is used to define the Business Management System identifier, which is unique to your Organisation and e-PayDay Go.


Name of Payer Declarer is used to define the Organisation's Representative for STP Submissions.


Previous BMS ID  is used to define the BMS ID from your previous payroll software, which is ONLY required if the same Payee Payroll ID and YTD Balances have been entered into e-PayDay Go.


🎯 The Intermediary Details Accordion allows to you enter the details of the Registered Tax Agent who is declaring the information to the ATO on your behalf.




ABN is used to define the Australian Business Number associated with the Intermediary.


RAN is used to define the Registered Agent Number associated with the Intermediary.


Name of Intermediary Declarer is used to define the Intermediary's Representative for STP Submissions.


Email is used to define the Electronic Mail Address for the Intermediary.


Phone (Business Hours) is used to define the Telephone Contact Number for the Intermediary.

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