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Return to Work
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🎯 Return to Work Payments are now disaggregated under Single Touch Payroll Phase 2. Rather than being included in Gross, Return to Work is now reported separately under Lump Sum Type Code = W.

🎯 If you are unsure that this Pay Type applies to your circumstances, please refer to the Payee's Employment Contract or obtain advice from the Fair Work OmbudsmanYour registered Taxation or BAS agent (member of the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB)) may also be able to provide further guidance.


Return to Work is applicable when the Payee is being paid a bonus to encourage them to return to the employer, end industrial action and have employees resume work or withdraw their resignation. 


Return to Work uses the $ (or % of Rate Per Hour) set within the Pay Rate and Leave Entitlements are not applicable. Payments with this pay type are considered to be Salary & Wages, Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) and Taxable based on the Payee's Tax Treatment.

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