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Commence a New Pay Run
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Select Pay Day.


Select New Pay Run.


The Pay Run Details Alert will be displayed


Change the Pay Period if required.


If required, change the Pay Run Type,


🎯 Select Regular if you are processing your 'normal' Pay Run.
🎯 Select Out Of Cycle if you are processing a Pay Run outside of your 'normal' Pay Run. This is typically for a correction of previously reported information, incorrect or once off payments. Please refer to Correct a mistake which has been reported to the ATO.
🎯 Select Missed if you are processing a pay run that has been paid and not previously entered/ reported to the ATO.



If Pay Run Type Regular was selected, amend the Pay Day if required.

🎯 If the Period Start and Period End Dates are incorrect, please ensure your last Regular Pay Run has been processed. If it has been, these dates can be updated by following Change the Organisations Regular Pay Run Dates before attempting to commence a new Pay Run


If Pay Run Type Out-Of-Cycle or Missed were selected, amend the Period StartPeriod End and Pay Day as required.


Add a Global Pay Message if required.


Select Ok.


Select Payees.

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