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STEP 6 - Process your Pay Runs
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Step 1 - Commence a new Pay Run

Step 2 - Select the required Payees for the Pay Run

Step 3 - Process the required Payee's Pay

Step 4 - Print and verify your Reports

Step 5 - Create the FAST-Bank File

Step 6 - Preview, Print, Export or e-Mail Pay Slips

Step 7 - Post the Pay Run and Notify ATO


🎯 If there are any issues when completing Step 4, amend the required Payees Pay at Step 3 then recomplete Step 4.
🎯 Please ensure all information is correct before completing Step 7 as once the pay run has been declared as true and correct, it is unable to be amended and corrections will need to be made by following Correct a mistake which has been reported to the ATO.
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